Bubblegum by Sari Taurez

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 335

Stars: 4/5


Tiana is your typical spoiled blonde, at first. After killing a man and saving Julia from abduction, Tiana gets a taste for killing, and she enjoys it. She enjoys it so much that she becomes a killer-for-hire. Her motivations might be a bit skewed in the beginning, but after moving in with Julia, she starts to change.

Tiana, Julia, Ruby, and William team up to take down Bobby Nails, an infamous brothel owner. Tiana carries her beloved rifle, Bubblegum. Ruby is a pyrotechnic genuis. William is driven by the search for his abducted daughter. And Julia is the brains of the operation. Each mission brings them closer to Nails, but will they be able to finally stop him? And at what cost?

The Good:

Each character is very unique and you can’t help but fall in love with them. There were a lot of twists and turns which kept me on the edge of my seat. I absolutely loved Tiana, by far my favorite character. She always had something witty to say and kept me laughing. The character growth is amazing and you see every change along the way.

The Bad: 

There were a few things I wish I knew more about, like Tiana’s family life. It’s not revealed until the very end that her mother basically gave her an ultimatum and it’s really only a couple of sentences. Also, there were some grammar issues that were missed when editing. Normally, I wouldn’t make a note of this, but some of them actually took me out of the story. 

Overall: This was a very enjoyable read and it’s set up for a sequel, which I will read for sure. It’s a story that anyone can enjoy, apart from young children. The good outweigh the bad with this one.

About the author:

More info about Sari Taurez can be found here:


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